Welcome visitor to my home page. I am now retired from the rat-race so the collection, documentation and restoration of vintage Conway Stewart pens which started as a hobby, has now become a passion that I will take pleasure sharing with you.

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I should like to thank Silviu Pincu for taking the time to work through the beta version of this web-site. His restauration of broken links and his constructive criticism is much appreciated. I also want to thank Alexander Crum Ewing, Max Davis, Barry Martin, Barry Rose, Andy Russell, Tina and Hans Seiringer, and David Wells for making available to me many of the pictures in the "book of numbers". Stephen Hull's basic research, and the initiative of my brother Daniel, who started me off on this paper chase are duly acknowledged - using the cold terminology of the scientific literature, while other contributers I have acknowledged inside the book itself. Which reminds me - if any of you have pictures of Conway Stewarts not shown in this site and are willing to send me them for illustration in the "book of numbers", I will be more than grateful.

Copyright: This web-site is for the pleasure of all Conway stewart collectors. Consequently I hereby renounce all copyright to my web-site including all my own photos of pens. Conversely, as mentioned elsewhere, I have taken pictures off the net, and put them in my book of numbers. Of course I will willingly acknowledge the owners of any of these pictures, or if the owner insists, I will remove the picture.