What's so special?

HIS PAGE is an attempt to answer anyone who has had the patience to surf this far, and is still asking the above question. Admittedly Conway Stewart were not great initiators and they followed the styles of the times. However, their objective of producing affordable "quality" pens suitable for every taste, was achieved to the full. I think that no company could rival Conway Stewart in their range of colours, sizes and patterns. Furthermore, their sets of pens and pencils in presentation boxes and in pouches provide an aesthetic pleasure hard to match. Just take a look and see for yourselves. In addition, I provided some mysteries and some cheats.

Presentation pouch Presentation box the missing links Fakes, cheats and frankenpens

Now you see it, now you don't. Actually this is an Esterbrook "Relief" No. 12 pen made by Conway Stewart and equivalent to a number 28 - tiger-eye! For a better picture, go to the "book of numbers".