o remain faithful to my favorite computer game of Myst and its sequel Riven, I have revealed to you the Conway Stewart book of numbers and have exposed some of its mysteries. Now it only remains to provide you with some of the links that will take you to other worlds. so here goes:

David Wells at http://www.old-pens.co.uk
David's web site is well worth visiting and revisiting if you are a Conway Stewart enthusiast. His level of expertise is enviable. He displays many pens from his collection and also sells and repairs pens with payment being donated to the Cystic Fibrosis Society. He has kindly permited me to use some pictures of his pens in my "Book of Numbers".

On a narrow-boat somewhere : at http://www.eaton.demon.co.uk/
This is the site of Graham Oliver. Graham and Jane have recently bought a Narrowboat and so may be found somewhere on the extensive canal system in England. Graham has a wealth of Knowledge at his fingertips, especially concerning British made pens. He sometimes has Conway Stewarts on his sales list, and he takes great pains at describing their exact condition. So WYSISWYG.

Writetime at http://writetime.co.uk/
This is the web site of Barry Rose. What he doesn't know about Conway Stewarts can be written on a match-box label. He offers many British made pens for sale from his site. He has kindly sent me pictures of some of the very rare pens on my site.

Vintage Fountain Pens at http://www.hanspens.com
The web site of Hans Seiringer. Hans also has a http://fun.walla.co.il/?w=/2#stand in the Portobello Road, London, where you can find him on saturdays. He often has good quality Conway Stewarts for sale.

Battersea Pen Home at http://www.penhome.com/
Simon Gray and Sean Lovell of the Battersea Pen Home are also organisers of the London Pen Show. They display many quality Vintage pens on their web-site including Conway Stewarts.

The official Conway Stewart site at http://www.conwaystewart.com
The revival and rejuvination of the Conway Stewart company finds expression in their dedicated web site.

Max Davis Conway Stewart site at http://conwaystewartpens.co.uk/
Max Davis has a beautiful site with some top quality pens pencils and sets. Some of these are for sale. He has also kindly permitted me to use some of his pictures.

The MK Pens site at http://www.mkpens.co.uk/index.htm
This is a really nice site and I do mean that because it is so professional and yet friendly. It usually has Conway Stewarts for sale. It also provides a link to me which means that we think on the same wave-length.

Peter Ford's Melbourne Vintage Pens site at http://www.vintagepens.com.au/
The Melbourne Vintage Pens site is well worth visiting. Australia is great for Conway Stewarts and Peter always has some for sale. He has also kindly permitted me to use some of his pictures.

Andy's Pen Site at http://www.andys-pens.co.uk
Andy is a "Restorer and Vendor of Vintage and Classic Writing Instruments". He has a nice site with Conway Stewart pens included - well worth taking a look-see.

Stored Products conservation.The web site I made for our team at work, dealing with environmentally sound solutions to the preservation of stored products from insect infestations; at http://www.agri.gov.il/Envir/envir.html

Would you like to download my Conway Stewart lists to your computer? They are in PDF format, for use with ACROBAT reader. The pen list is 504k and the pencil list is 136k.

Just so that this page isn't too boring, here's a nice Conway Stewart advertisment