Drawer - seven

Some more quality pens

hese pens date from the late 50's to early 60's and follow the style of the 60L being long and thin. All three models were made in black and in the three herringbone colours of green red and blue. However Model 73 was also made in the popular hatched pattern.

Seventh drawer showing series 73, 74, and 76

rom top left to bottom right we have the hatched 73's and a matching pencil (the herringbone 73's are rarer and I don't have them). Then come four 74's with their characteristic "grecian bands". This model was named speedy phil, due to the unusual internal screw type filler. It was not a success and was not used in other pens. Lastly at bottom right we have three No.76 lever fillers with their typical serrated cap bands.