Drawer - six

Conway Stewart 60, Executive 60 and Manifold 60

he No. 60 series was the top of the line model in the early 50's, costing 35 shillings as against 30 shillings for the model No. 58. Once again I have sacrificed the beauty of the individual pen in order to show you the whole range. Note that I do not have a marbled green or a marbled burgundy/plum pen. They do occur in contemporary models such as the 27, 28 and 58, but I don't believe they were made in the 60 range. (If anybody has one please let me know).

Sixth drawer showing Conway Stewart 60 pens

t the top, second from left is a no banded burgundy hatch. I show paired pens because one is the Executive or Executive Manifold model and the other is the later model. However at the top center there is a two banded Tiger eye from Australia, and in the bottom row there are two banded green hatch, marbled blue, red herringbone, and black. The five pens at bottom left are 60L models (L = long). Here too I have a double banded pen from Australia. The double banded pens were thought to be very rare until it was found that they were destined for export only.