Drawer - three

"Conway Stewart No. 24" with matching pencils "The Conway 18".

he new post-war (WW2) design of Conway Stewarts with tapering caps and barrels and a metal stud securing the clip, came in many variations of shapes and size. The 24's were the only ones with 2 cap bands. They seem to have been sold in boxed sets with matching Conway 18 pencils, and are less frequently encountered than the 27's 28's 58's and 60's, in which family they belong

Third drawer showing the 24 series

n the first row we can see a tiger eye model, next to the early cracked ice model with 2 narrowly spaced bands, and the later model with 2 widely spaced bands. The wide spaced band model is supposed to be rarer, but I don't think so. Same for the green hatched pens and marbled blue pens in the second row. I have grouped all the pencils in the lower right hand corner, though in my real collection they sit next to their pens.