Drawer - sixteen

Dinkie Majors and Dandys

rawers fourteen and fifteen contain Dinkies from the 526 and 540 series. However there are many others, some being even smaller while others, such as the 542, 545 and 548 are long and thin. The Dinkie-Majors are fatter and intermediate in size between Dinkies and Dandys.

Sixteenth drawer showing Dinkie majors and Dandys.

he three pens at top center (11:55 to 12:05 'o clock) are Dinkie Majors, while all the others are Dandys. Dandys from the 720, 726 and 728 series display the fantastic range of colours seen in the Dinkies, while other denominations were mainly mottled hard rubber pens such as the 786M seen next to the green measles at top left. Dandys are considerably rarer than the Dinkies and colours such as the set at 12:30 'o clock are very desirable for collectors.