Drawer - eleven

"Scribes" - pens with a different shape and new colours and patterns

he "Scribes" Nos. 330 and 333 are black and uninteresting, but the 336 series are rather small pens with chrome trim that were manufactured in different colours from the rest. They have matching pencils, though I have two Scribe pencils in my pencil collection that have no pen partners. Perhaps there are more scribe 336 variations that I don't yet know about.

Tenth drawer showing Scribes

nfortunately the picture doesn't do justice to the beauty of these casein pens. The top left is a "primevil slime"colour. Then from left to right are marbled burgundy. with black veins, black, and marbled blue and marbled green with black veins. Below are a moss agate pen and pencil, smokey green pen, and autumn leaves pen and pencil. The last pen is a chased black 330 Scribe.